About this blog and its author

This blog is published whenever the author has something to say and the time to say it. He will aim for once a week. It is about colleges and universities and how they compete in the market place for the type of student they would like to have. It is also about ethics, accountability and quality in higher education. Over 20,000 people find this blog every week.

Competition is a relatively new phenomenon for most Traditional colleges and universities. They are accustomed to think that because they are operating in the public interest it doesn’t really matter who wins or loses. If that was ever the case it no longer is. Colleges and universities must compete in order to remain viable.

Competition is being complicated by the new for-profit colleges and universities, who do have a competitive strategy and the capital to carry it out. They have already taken over 2 million students and their plans are to take many more.

To add to the complexity this competition must take place globally. Few Traditional Universities (TUs) have any idea on how to do that. They are interested in the traditional things, prestige for example, which sometimes is acquired without regard to the sustainability of the prestige-yielding practice.

My job is to look at how the players are lining up in the field and to study the plays.  I then translate those moves into strategies and counter strategies. Some moves and strategies I will discuss here others, (I’ll be honest with you) I will discuss only with my paying clients.

But this blog is written for anyone interested in higher education issues. It has a large number of subscribers, most of whom are trustees, university executives, faculty and alumni of traditional universities that are being targeted for extinction. I’ve also noticed some recent subscriptions from Capitalized Universities (CUs), and people in government; welcome y’all.


The Oohm Blog is written by  José R. Llanes  an economist and a professor of organization and leadership in higher education at Auburn University. He is the only one responsible for its content. His web site has more information on what else he does. See http://llanes.auburn.edu

If you want to contact Professor Llanes without publishing a comment you may do so at llanesatoohm@gmail.com


1 thought on “About this blog and its author”

  1. Hi..
    I really like your blog about interdisciplinary studies..
    Thank’s a lot.. you made me smile and proud of..

    I’m RJ, from Philippines.. a graduate of Interdisciplinary studies..

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