This blog began on May 14, 2010 as an exercise in university outreach. As a professor of higher education organization and leadership I wanted to offer comments and observations to higher education leaders, based on my own research and experience. My subject was to be strategies, for higher education institutions, to survive and improve and for policymakers to read and consider.

Today higher education has taken many, varied and differentially effective approaches in response to the crises that surround them. There’s reduced public financial support, increasing tuition and fees in order to survive, competition from many different models of higher education and more.  Many authors in the field had commented about traditional institutions as living a paradox, being at once inefficient and effective. We can now see that this paradox, if it ever existed, has been replaced by another idea, less paradoxical, “become more productive or price yourself out of the market.” We are not talking about efficiency –doing things easier and less costly—we are talking about productivity, achieving greater outcomes at the same cost. This is much harder to achieve and is the challenge for today.

I hope you enjoyed the blog while it was being published and I thank all of those who missed it and asked me about it for your kind emails. Someday I will begin another and I promise I will let you now.

I wish you well in all your endeavors.